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can i order leather and fabric sample free of charge?

what is the difference between original and a copy?

what is product quality?

Yes, you can order our Bauhausshop product and sample catalog free of charge. It will be delivered to your home within few days.

Copies are not licensed and do not have a signature of the designer. BauhausShop offers exact copies of the original design for a much lower price than the so-called originals, while the high quality is unaffected.

While an internet connection is required to start the Point of Sale, it will stay operational even after a complete disconnection. places great importance to the material and product quality and cooperates only with suppliers who can guarantee perfect longterm quality.


what are my payment possibilities?

is my data secure?

how does delivery works?

how high is the delivery cost? 

i received wrong goods what to do now?

i found some defects in the material? what to do in this case?

Payment methods are Credit Card, Cash on Delivery (Germany and Austria only) or payment in advance by bank transfer. After we accept and confirmed your order you can decide how you want to pay (some with special discounts) is using an advanced security system so that all customer data is highly protected. can recommend shipping agents worldwide. During your order you have the possibility to appoint a shipping company who will deliver your goods to your home to the best possible conditions.

We deliver within the EU in a range of 15 EURO up to max 55 EURO. For Swiss we have additional charges for import handling indicated at the checkout process.

Please contact as soon as possible. It would be great if you could take pictures of wrong goods to speed up the follow up process. 

Please don’t throw away the packaging and contact as soon as possible. We will then arrange a product exchange with the supplier.


what is bauhausshop?

how can bauhausshop keep the price so low?

when will there be a special promotion again?

why do i need a customer account and how can i create it?

how can i change my customer data? is an international online shop for Bauhaus furniture reproduction 

As we are an online-shop, there are no additional costs for a sales shop or sales staff. Another point is our close and long relationship to best quality suppliers in combination with promotional sales, which enable purchasing in big quantities for attractive prices. This is an advantage we forward directly to our customers in a form of lower prices.

We offer periodic special promotions. You will not miss any of our great promotions if you order our free newsletter service.

A customer account is a fast and easy way how you can follow up your order, use multiple delivery addresses, or place a new order. It is very easy to create, within a minute, just follow the clear instruction on our webpage.

You can change or adjust your customer data easily in your customer account.

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